YouTube has announced today that their 3D video conversion tools are now live, after months of testing. Currently this service is in beta stage. YouTube is also allowing all “verified users in good standing” to upload long-form videos, that are longer than the current limit of 15 minutes for most users. To help people get those longer videos online, YouTube has also launched ‘resumable uploads‘, which ensures that users will able to continue their uploads from the point from where the upload failed due to connectivity faults or any other reason.

We are launching 2D to 3D conversion. Once people have uploaded their 2D videos to YouTube, they can convert them to 3D with the click of a button. Converted videos will be viewable by everyone in 3D,” said the company in a blog post. Users can find this feature by selecting “Edit Info”, then “3D Video” on a video they have uploaded to YouTube. But experiencing the 3D effect will need the aid of special glasses.

YouTube has also added two additional video creation platforms – Vlix and Magisto – to help its users make better videos. Vlix lets users add effects to their videos and text to the video introduction and closing, while Magisto takes their unedited video and automatically edits it into short, fun clips.

Links : Youtube 3D Video Creator

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