India Government and other legal agencies are eying on its citizens as they has made 321 request to Microsoft for getting secure data of around 515 user accounts from various Microsoft services and Skype. The following data was revealed through Microsoft’s second Transparency Report (Law Enforcement Requests Report) on India which covers a period of six months (January to June 2013).

The report details the number of requests for data Microsoft have received from law enforcement agencies around the world, and how Microsoft responds to those requests. It covers requests for data relating to all of Microsoft’s online and cloud services, including Skype.

Microsoft Disclosed more than 80% Data requested by India Government - Transparency Report 2013

According to the report Indian Government and legal agencies in the country has made 278 request to disclose contents across 413 users account on Microsoft’s online and cloud services which also include the popular mail service Outlook. On this Microsoft compiled to 80.6% of the request disclosing subscriber/transactional Data and only rejected 3.2% of the request.

Another highlight from the report says India Government has made 43 request seeking data on 102 user accounts on popular messaging service Skype and Microsoft complied to 79.1% of the request by disclosing the data and rejected 18.6% of the request.

Now all major internet companies including Google, Yahoo and Facebook have started publishing periodic transparency report which provides great insight on government’s and non-government agencies requests on users data.

SourceMicrosoft Law Enforcement Requests Report

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