Clash Royale the popular strategy mobile game by Supercell got a new update this week. The update brings a new side-by-side clan battle. Supercell announced about this “outrageous new game mode” earlier this month via Radio Royale. CR fans across the globe were waiting for this mode.


In this new CR mode, Clanbattle, 2 members of a clan can team-up and fight against 2 members of another clan. In other words, it’s a 2 vs 2 battle mode. The game mode is triggered by choosing clan battle button just below the friendly battle button. Once a clanmate joins the battle, the system will find you a matching opponent team.

It's here, Prepare For Clash Royale Side-by-Side Clan Battle!

The crowns you earn from the clanbattle will count for the clan battle chest. The tire 10 chest is opened by achieving 110 Wins. Many clans managed to open the tier 10 chest within hours of the mode release.

Before triggering the battle, clanmates need to prepare their card decks and devise a strategy. In the arena, you can give the teammate an idea of your card by hovering it card over the lanes. Since the in-game chat isn’t that good, Supercell has created a Discord global chat for Clash Royale [link].

We were thrilled to play this game mode. A good team chemistry is a must in winning the clan battles and filling up the battle chest. We were able to fill the clan chest within few hours, and upon opening many participants got an epic card and rare cards. Supercell allows you to play the game for 3 straight days starting 24th to 27th March 2017.

Issues with Gameplay

On the first day, Supercell CR servers went down for maintenance several times. However, they managed to pull it together by the end of the day. Several players got hung in the clan menu when their partner left the clan battle in the middle. Some players found a way out of it by chat spamming the CR chat menu until your last battle record disappears. There was no noticeable errors or bugs during the third day.

So how was your experience with the new CR game mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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