One of the best operating systems from MicrosoftWindows XP which still used by millions of users worldwide, will officially retire on April 8, 2014. Digging into its grave Google has announced that it will stop supporting Chrome on Windows XP from April 2015. Until that time Windows XP users will continue to get regular updates and security patches for Chrome.

Microsoft has earlier announced that its popular operating system Windows XP is nearing to its end-of-life and thus most of its desktop applications will no longer receive updates and security patches there after. This will cause lots of security issues with users, who are still using XP as their primary operating system. It may cause malware, virus to get infected on to the computers and the main source is through browsers.

Chrome browser to Stop supporting Windows XP from April 2015

In a blog post on Google Enterprise, Mark Larson, Director of Engineering and Superintendent of Public Safety, Google Chrome, said that “Since unpatched browser bugs are often used by malware to infect computers, we’re extending support for Chrome on Windows XP, and will continue to provide regular updates and security patches until at least April 2015.

We recognize that hundreds of millions of users, including a good chunk of current Chrome users, still rely on XP. Moreover, many organizations still run dozens or even hundreds of applications on XP and may have trouble migrating. Our goal is to support Chrome for XP users during this transition process. Most importantly, Chrome on XP will still be automatically updated with the latest security fixes to protect against malware and phishing attacks.

So if you are still using Windows XP, its time to move on to a better operating system mainly Windows 8 or Windows 7 or even Mac OS which offers regular updates and security patches to keep your system running safe.

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