Canon 650D is the latest arrival in the DSLR category. With a lens of 18 megapixel, 63 zone metering sensor, 5fps continuous shooting and a LCD touch screen this camera is offers sharp images as well as video recording.

The camera is fairly small in size with a good hand grip. For consumers, i.e. for non-professionals, this camera feels strong enough. The interchangeable lenses made with EF and EF-S glass makes this camera equally compatible with all the APS-C digital camera SLR cameras. 650D doesn’t have the display button but has an additional movie settings button with on/off. The screen has the 1,04,000-dot resolution and an aspect ratio of 3:2 which means that there are no black stripes along the top and bottom of the image. This articulated screen enhances the operation of video mode shooting and Live View. With a high-resolution, free-angle LCD screen, it is easy to compose the images.

Canon 650D SLR - 18 MP, Hybrid CMOS, 3 inch Touchscreen and DIGIC 5 processor

The 3inch touch screen-USP of this camera offers features like pinching, swiping, changing settings, tracking faces, selecting auto-focus and focusing and capturing the image in Live View mode. It actually works like a tablet where zoom-in and zoom-out can be done with finger touch. 650 D offers a range of creative filters like Soft focus, grainy black and white to create good images in the screen itself. For amateurs, a Creative Auto mode can be of real help. It is a relief for those who are using the default Screen Intelligent mode. A lot of Picture styles are also imbibed in this camera which comprise of Standard, Vivid, Soft, Warm, Intense, Cool, Brighter, Darker and Monochrome modes which can be adjusted according to the requirement.

Overall, 650D is Canon’s best progeny in the DSLR kitty with its interchangeable lenses, touch screen features, higher resolution and healthy range of lenses. It also has an impressive video performance and gives accurate colors.

The review is penned by experts at Reliance Digital.

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