Website loading slow or video getting buffered? If you are a BSNL broadband customer, that won’t be the case from this October. With wired broadband subscription shrinking as never before and cutthroat competition from private operators, State-run telecom service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) plans to upgrade its entire landline broadband plans to offer four times the speed at no additional cost.

BSNL to upgrade minimum broadband speed by Four times from 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps

BSNL will be upgrading all existing wired broadband plans to a minimum speed of 2 Mbps pre-FUP from the current minimum speed of 512 Kbps or 1 Mpbs at no additional cost for customers. The speed upgradation will benefit all the existing and new BSNL broadband customers. So if you have broadband plan, say BBG UL 545 that offers 512 Kbps flat speed, it will be now upgraded to 2 Mbps speed till the FUP (in this case 2 Mbps till 1 GB and then reverted back to 512 Kbps for extra usage). It to be noted that after the allotted free data usage or FUP quota is over the broadband speed will be reverted back to 512 Kbps like before. Here is the revised list of some of the popular BSNL broadband plans –

Broadband Plan NameExisting Speed/BandwidthRevised Speed/Bandwidth
BBG UL 545

512 Kbps Flat

upto 2 Mbps till 1GB, after 512Kbps

BBG Combo UL 675
BBG Rural Combo UL 650
BB Home UL 645 CS35
BB Home Combo UL 775 CS36
BBG Combo UL 5500 CS73
BBG Combo ULD 8451 Mbps till 6 GB, 512 Kbps beyondupto 2 Mbps till 6 GB, after 512Kbps
BB Home Combo ULD 899 CS37
Upgradation of bandwidth in Tirupati, Kurnool, Anantpur, Warangal and Nellore Areas of AP circle
BBG ULD 545upto 1 Mbps till 10 GB, 512 Kbps beyondupto 2 Mbps till 10 GB, after 512Kbps
Upgradation of bandwidth in Khammam, Ongole, Karimnagar, Cuddappah, Mahboobnagar, Nizamabad, Nalagonda, Adilabad, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram Areas of AP circle
BBG Combo ULD 675upto 1 Mbps till 10 GB, 512Kbps beyondupto 2 Mbps till 10 GB, after 512Kbps
BBG Combo ULD 845upto 1 Mbps till 12 GB, 512 Kbps beyondupto 2 Mbps till 12 GB, after 512Kbps

So, when it’s going to happen? the speed upgradation for all the broadband customers on pan-India basis will come into effect from 1st October 2015.

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