We have one good news and one bad news from the Govt owned telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), which one would you like to hear first? Let’s hear the good news first, in the wake of Reliance Communication offering 3G data plans at 2G rates, BSNL has introduced new uniform 2G and 3G data STVs packs for both prepaid and postpaid customers across India.

With uniform data plans BSNL now offers 3G data plans at almost half the earlier rates. Customer can get 1GB of 3G/2G data usage for one month at Rs 139 (GPRS139) for prepaid subscribers and at Rs 125 (GPRS 125) for postpaid subscribers. 2GB and 5GB data usage will cost prepaid customers with Rs 251 (GPRS 251) and Rs 561 (GPRS 561) respectively and for postpaid customers with Rs 225 and Rs 501 respectively. For data savvy users BSNL offers 10GB of 3G/2G data usage for one month at Rs 1011 for prepaid subscribers and at Rs 901 for postpaid subscribers.

BSNL unifies 2G & 3G Data STVs for Prepaid and Postpaid Customers - Withdraws All existing Data STVs

After the free data usage limit prepaid customers will be charged at 2 paisa per 10KB and postpaid customers with 1 paisa per 10KB. The new unified 2G and 3G data STVs will be come into effect from 15th August 2013.

Now the bad news, BSNL has decide to withdraw all the existing  3G and 2G Data STVs and packs for prepaid customers which will come into effect from 15th August 2013 and for postpaid customers from 1st September 2013. That means the exiting GPRS packs (GPRS7, GPRS54, GPRS98 etc) will be withdrawn and all customers need to go with the bigger 3G plans.

In addition BSNL will convert all 2G customers with 2G data STVs activated to default profile of 3G with no speed restriction from 15th August 2013. So virtually all BSNL customers using data packs will be converted to 3G customers.

In one way you can enjoy high speed 3G data at low cost data STVs and on the other hand you will miss those low cost data STVs. With India’s only telecom operator with pan India 3G license we can be sure that you can enjoy 3G data packs anywhere in India.

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