If you are a data savvy person or a casual net user then the state-weened telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has got several special data STVs just for your specific need. The operator has now come up with Summer Data Bonanza, a 90 days promotional offer where you can get extra data on every 3G data STVs.

In total seven 3G data STVs are under the ‘Summer Data Bonanza’ which offers extra data benefits. The lowest among the offer is the data STV 78 which offers 2.2 GB of data benefits with a validity of 5 days. If you need more validity, the Rs 155 data STV offers the same 2.2 GB of data benefits, but with 15 days validity.

BSNL Summer Data Bonanza, Extra data Benefits on 3G Data STVs

If you are looking for more data, then the Rs 292 data STV offers 10 GB of 3G data benefits with a validity of 28 days. The biggest data STV in the list would be the Rs 3099 data STV which offers 1GB of data benefits per day, unlimited local and STD voice calls to any network and 1500 free SMS. Note that the speed will be restricted to 80 Kbps once you reach the daily quota of 1GB.

BSNL Summer Data Bonanza 3G data STVs

Data STV (Rs)Revised 3G data benefitsValidity
782.2 GB5 days
981.2 GB14 days
1552.2 GB15 days
1563.2 GB10 days
1983.2 GB28 days (24 days of South Zone)
29210 GB28 days (30 days of South Zone)
30991 GB per day +
Unlimited local/STD (on-net/offnet) calls
+ 1500 free SMS
90 days

The above promotional 3G data STVs will available to pan India prepaid subscribers for a period of 90 days starting 7th May 2017. You can recharge for the special data STVs via BSNL portal or other third party recharge retailers.

Recently BSNL revised its existing unlimited voice and data combo STV399 and also announced three new voice and data STVs. This include ‘Dil kohl ke Bol’ STV349 which offers unlimited voice benefits. Triple ACE STV333 which offers unlimited data and Nehle per dehla STV395 which offers unlimited voice and data benefits.

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