Striving from its data hungry subscribers, state owned telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has revised most of its data STVs. By this revision, the operator has decided to offer almost double data benefits and extended validity to most of its 3G and 2G data STVs.

To start with Data STV 78 which earlier came with 1GB of data benefits now offers double data or 2GB of data benefits. But with an increase in data benefits, validity has been cut down to 3 days from earlier 5 days. Another popular Data STV 155 which currently offers 1GB of data benefits now come with 1.5 GB of data benefits. The validity of the Data STV has been increased from 15 days to 17 days.

BSNL revises Data STVs to Double data benefits and increase Validity

Coming to higher data STV where BSNL has made significant changes. The Data STV 561 which offered 5GB of data benefits now comes with 8GB of data benefits. The validity of the Data STV has been increased from 60 days to 90 days. Another popular Data STV 1949 which offered 21GB of data benefits has been revised to offer 40GB of data benefits. The validity of the same has been increased from 90 days to whopping 270 days. The revision in Data STV goes all way up to the Rs 4998 Data STV which now got its data benefits doubled to 160GB.

BSNL revised Data STVs tariff

Data STV (Rs)Existing Data benefitsRevised Data benefitsExisting Validity (Days)Revised Validity (Days)
781 GB2 GB5 days3 days
98650 MB1300 MB14 days10 days
109 (East Zone Only)300 MB650 MB28 days28 days
1551 GB1.5 GB15 days17 days
1981 GB2.2 GB28/ 24 days (South Zone)25/21 days (South Zone)
241/239 (For South /zone)1.2 GB2.2 GB/ 2.7 GB (For South Zone)30 days30 days
2912.2 GB4 GB / 3.5 GB (For South Zone)28/30 days (For South Zone)27/30 days (For South Zone)
5615 GB8 GB60 days90 days
8216 GB12 GB60 days120 days
194921 GB40 GB90 days270 days
149818 GB36 GB365 days365 days
279836 GB72 GB365 days365 days
399860 GB110 GB365 days365 days
499880 GB160 GB365 days365 days

Note that the above Data STVs are valid for pan-India BSNL prepaid mobile subscribers with effect from 16th August 2017. The operator has also withdrawn some not so popular data STVs. This includes Data STV 68, Data STV 156, Combo Voucher 239, Combo Voucher 451 and Unlimited Data STV 498.

In addition to the revision, BSNL during this Independence Day is offering double data benefits on all Data STVs. You will also be getting full talk time and extra talk time on most of the top-ups. The double data benefits are valid from 15th August 2017 to 20th August 2017 to pan-India prepaid subscribers.

If you are looking for daily heavy data usage plans then, BSNL has recently launched new Data STV which offers 5GB of data benefits per day. In addition, now with ‘Roam Like Home‘ (RLH) you can use freebies and benefits under any Voice STVs, SMS STVs or Comobo vouchers in both home telecom circle and during national roaming.

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