Currently the mobile internet usage on 3G is bit costly, with telecom operators tend to increase the rates drastically to attain bigger profit. India’s state-own telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) want to bring changes to this and for that they are planning to reduce the 3G data rates in an aim to increase the consumption which eventually increase their 3G data revenue.

As the first step BSNL has considerably slashed the 3G data usage rates for Postpaid customers in Karantaka telecom circle. For casual 3G mobile internet users BSNL has reduced the volume based data charging from 1 paisa per 10KB to a much affordable 4paisa per 100KB. That means postpaid customers using the 3G mobile internet without any data plans will only be charged 4paisa per 100 KB or aprox Rs 400 for 1GB 3G data usage.

BSNL set to reduce Postpaid 3G Data usage charges to maximum 1paisa/100KB

For Postpaid customers who are using 3G data add-on plans (or DATA STVs), BSNL has reduced the data rates beyond free usage for the data plan. For Postpaid 3G data plan of Rs 666 (7GB free 3G data usage) customers will now get only charged 2paisa per 100KB instead of the usual 1paisa per 10KB on data usage beyond the plans free usage limit.

For Postpaid’s higher 3G data plans of Rs 901 (10GB free 3G data usage) and Rs 1711 (20GB free 3G data usage), customers will get charged 1paisa per 100KB instead of earlier 1paisa per 10KB on data usage beyond the plans free usage limit.

The above reduced data rates will come into effect from 15the February 2014 for Postpaid customers in Karnataka telecom circle. But we can surely expect that BSNL will bring this changes to pan India within a few weeks and also importantly apply this reduced data rates to Prepaid customers.

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