BSNL en-nanban

BSNL, The state owned mobile service provider announced the launch of Migration Voucher 198 for its En-Nanban super plan at Tamilnadu .

The migrated customer will be governed by all terms and conditions related to validity, F&F etc., as applicable to Ennanban Super Plan only. Validity of the eligible customer on migration to En nanban Super will be 180 days irrespective of current validity. After the initial validity period of 180 days, Monthly recharge condition of En nanban Super plan is applicable. Existing F&F numbers in the old plan will be carried forward to En nanban Super plan. However the customer has to register one BSNL Landline/CDMA FWT afresh to avail unlimited free calls as detailed below.

The customer has to give SMS as “FFL” to 53733 to avail free calls from his mobile to the Landline/FWT number. In case, the FFL opted by the subs is already available in FFE, the same shall be removed from FFE and provided under FFL and an SMS intimation will be sent to subs to register that one F&F by sending FFE request to 53733.

All the existing customers of Saral Anant (3 options), New Anant, TN anant, New TN anant, Kurinji, Wonder & Wonder plus, En-Nanban and General plans (3 options) are eligible to use this migration voucher..Customers who migrate to Ennanban Super plan will not be extended any freebies which are offered to new Ennanban Super plan customers.

On migration the talk value available in the old plan will be carried over to the Ennanban Super plan. Existing Booster/STV cards or coupons activated while in the old plan will be valid on migration. Customers of Mega super plan and Vasantham plan can migrate to General plan by sending SMS MGEN to 53733 and then use this migration voucher 198 to migrate to En-Nanban super Plan. The 198 STV will be only on C top up.

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