Getting a poor coverage inside the house or poor voice quality or worried of talking on mobile for too long, with a slight radiation fear? BSNL got a free service to tackle this issue.

The government owned telecom operator, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched ‘Free to Home‘ service that offers free call forwarding from your BSNL mobile number to your BSNL landline number at home.

BSNL Free to Home service allows both prepaid and postpaid BSNL mobile subscribers to forward their calls to any BSNL landline number. The service will be offered free of cost if you are forwarding the calls to local landline numbers and will also be free even when the mobile is on roaming.

One only is charged for the service when they forward the calls to a BSNL landline number that’s outside the telecom circle or Licensed Service Areas (LSA). The charges will be according to the existing mobile tariff.

BSNL Free to Home service - Forward Calls from Mobile to Landline

BSNL customers can easily avail the service by just forwarding all their mobile calls to a BSNL landline number. In android, you can find the call forwarding option under phone dialer setting.

The BSNL Free to Home service will be launched for pan-India BSNL mobile subscribers starting from 30th May 2016.

With this service, BSNL is trying to push the adoption of its landline service which is in sharp decline. According to the latest TRAI telecom subscription data, BSNL is constantly losing its landline subscriber base and also its market share has declined to 58.52 percent.

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