Looking for a cost effective broadband plan for your home? India’s largest wired broadband provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched a new combo unlimited broadband plan for a monthly rental of Rs 599. In addition to the unlimited data usage, you also get unlimited free voice calls under the plan.

The new BSNL Rs 599 combo unlimited plan (BBG Combo UL 599) offers unlimited internet usage at a flat download speed of 2 Mbps. The best part, there is no speed restriction or data limited for this plan. You get to use unlimited internet or download at flat 2 Mbps speed. In addition to unlimited data usage, you also get free voice calls to any network in India. But the unlimited free calls are restricted to 9 PM to 7 AM every day and on all Sundays. Landline outgoing calls other than the above timing will be charged up to Rs 1.2 per minute.

BSNL Broadband BBG Combo UL 599

BSNL Unlimited Broadband PlanMonthly/Annual/2 Years/ 3 YearBandwidth (Speed)Download/Upload LimitCalls
BBG Combo UL 599Rs 599 per month/ Rs 6589 (11 x FMC)/Rs 12579 (21 x FMC)/ Rs 17970 (30 x FMC)2 MbpsUnlimited (no limit)Unlimited free calls between 9PM to 7AM & on all Sundays to any network in India

The above BBG Combo UL 599 is valid for pan India customers starting 10th July 2017. It’s available on both DSL and FTTH under the same tariff. Existing BSNL broadband customers can upgrade or change their existing broadband plan by requesting at their respective BSNL customer centres.

Recently, BSNL Broadband has come with ‘Happy Browsing Offer‘ where you can retain your broadband download speed even after you have crossed the allotted monthly FUP quota. BSNL has also increased the minimum download speed after the post FUP from 1 Mbps to now 2 Mbps. This allows you to enjoy unlimited internet at double the current FUP speed limit even after the completion of assigned high-speed data per month. BSNL has also increased the pre-FUP data limit on most of the unlimited broadband plans.

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