Are you a tech, digital or download savvy, who already reached your broadband fair usage policy (FUP) usage limit for the month? India’s largest wired broadband provide Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has come with ‘Happy Browsing Offer‘. Under this offer, the ISP will retain your broadband download speed even after you have crossed the alloted monthly FUP quota.

BSNL Broadband’s Happy Browsing Offer is avialable to its pan-India customers having unlimited broadband plan. The three months promotional scheme will offer free retention of pre-FUP or your normal high-speed download speed throughout the month. Normally, BSNL charges around Rs 100 for 5GB of data usage for retaining the high-speed, after you have crossed your monthly FUP usage limit. With the new promotional offer, you can continue getting the same pre-FUP download speed even after you have crossed your monthly FUP quota.

BSNL to increase FUP limit on Unlimited Broadband Plans

BSNL Broadband Happy Browsing offer will come into effect from 1st July 2017. You can check if you are eligible for the promotional scheme by visiting (or When visting this webpage after you have reached your monthly usage quota, you will probably greeted with the following message.

You’re very important to us. we want you to continue browsing at Higher Speeds. However as a special customer, BSNL is retaining your Pre-FUP speed free of cost for this month. Kind regards, BSNL Broadband“.

BSNL Broadband Happy Browsing offer

  • Retention of pre-FUP download speed throughout the month even after crossing the FUP quota.
  • Zero monthly charges on availing the benefits.
  • Offer valid for three months starting July 2017.

Recently, BSNL Broadband has increased the minimum download speed after the post FUP from 1 Mbps to now 2 Mbps. This allows you to enjoy unlimited internet at double the current FUP speed limit even after the completion of assigned high-speed data per month. BSNL has also increased the pre-FUP data limit on most of the unlimited broadband plans.

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