Getting Fibre internet connection or even wired broadband in remote parts or rural part of India is a difficult task. Nevertheless, there are only a few internet service providers (ISP) who actively offer service in these areas. Our state-owned telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is one of the key providers in these areas. As part of the Digital India initiative, the ISP provider has launched Bharat Air Fibre in Maharashtra.

Residence in Akola and Washim districts in Maharashtra will now get high-speed internet access with BSNL Bharat Air Fibre service.

BSNL Bharat Air Fibre high-speed internet service

Those who are hearing BSNL Bharat Air Fibre service for the first time, then its a wireless-based, or more precisely radio-based last mile telecom connectivity solution. It uses unlicensed spectrum (which are not been licensed to any entity) that has less interference to provide internet service. It also uses line-of-sight radio waves to deploy the service. As in rural places, there is less usage of WiFi routers and appliance-like microwave ovens thus there is very less interference in these airwaves.

BSNL Bharat Air Fibre working and technology

We have launched Bharat AirFibre on the airwaves in the free spectrum band primarily in rural areas where there is no interference,” said Vivek Banzal, BSNL Director.

Bharat Air Fibre service can provide high-speed internet with data speeds of up to 100Mbps. It can effectively work in a range of 20 KMs from BSNL’s base location. Other than data service, it could also provide free voice calling service and TV service (in partnership with Yupp TV), making it a Tripe Play Service. BSNL aims to provide Bharat Air Fibre services through local business partners.

Talking about pricing the BSNL Bharat Air Fibre plans will start at Rs 499 per month. There would be also a small initial setup cost along with a refundable deposit while applying for a connection.

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