When competitors are fighting for the supremacy in 4G services in India, the state-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) just made a baby step to this arena. The telco has officially launched its 4G LTE mobile services in India.

BSNL 4G is sort of a soft launch and it’s rolling out from Idukki, the southern state in Kerala telecom circle. Initially, the BSNL 4G services will be available in five location in Idukki district. This includes Udumbanchola telephone exchange, Udumbanchola town, Chemmannar, Kallupalam and Senapathy.

With BSNL 4G you can experience higher data speed. According to an early test by one of the lucky champ Nagella Trinath (@nagellatrinath), he was able to get a download speed of 25.20 Mbps on BSNL 4G. With a minimum ping of 74 ms, he was also able to get a decent upload speed of 5.36 Mbps.

BSNL 4G speed test result from Idukki Kerala

BSNL is using its existing spectrum to roll out its 4G network. But, these spectrum holdings of the telco is not enough for pan-India 4G rollout. The telco has requested the government to allocate more spectrum for a smooth rollout of its 4G service in other parts of India. It’s eyeing the premium 700 MHz band which is said to be optimum for 4G services.

BSNL 4G official rollout highlights
  • BSNL 4G services launched in India from Idukki, Kerala telecom circle.
  • 4G service was commissioned by making the first call to BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Sri. Anupam Srivastava.
  • You can use BSNL 4G service with the existing 3G U-SIMs 256K modules. Or can upgrade to the new BSNl 4G SIM.
  • BSNL 4G rollout to other parts of Kerala will be completed by end of 2018.

BSNL will roll out its 4G service to other parts of Kerala telecom circle in the coming months. The telco is expected to complete the full 4G rollout in other Kerala cities by end of 2018. “Commissioning of the service in other districts in Kerala is expected by this year-end,” said PT Mathew, BSNL Chief General Manager.

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