This years ‘Brand Equity’ Most Trusted Brands survey is out, on the mobile front Nokia emerged as a clear leader and become the 3rd most trusted brand in India. Bharti Airtel emerged as the top trusted brand in Telecom sector and ranked at 18th position.

Brand Equity identifies brands that have won that most special attribute – the consumer’s trust. This year the survey got more geographically representative, visiting previously ignored markets like Patna, Indore and Vijayawada. Team BE evaluated trust basis a statement that every marketer wants the answer to: “I would always recommend this brand to my family and friends“.

Most Trusted Brands 2012 with Category-wise toppers
Most Trusted Brands 2012 with Category-wise toppers

Coming on to the top trusted Mobile brands in India, Nokia topped the survey followed by Samsung Mobile on the 51st position. This truly explains why Nokia stills sells more handset in India and keeps the top position, the brand lives in the heart of people. Nokia has 22.2% market share at Indian handset market.

On the Telecom communication sector, Bharti Airtel is the most trusted brand in India, followed by Vodafone India at 30th position and Govt owned telecom operator BSNL at 57th position. Here is a look at the top 100 Most Trusted Brands 2012:

Top 100 Most Trusted Brands 2012

SourceBrand Equity 2012

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