Research In motion (RIM) BlackBerry has announced the launch of the BlackBerry Music Service, through which BlackBerry users will be able to listen and download their favorite music, also share and showcase this songs with fellow BlackBerry users easily. Currently the service has been rolled out in US, Canada and Australia, it is expected to roll out in other regions soon.

There has been earlier reports about ‘$5 for 50 songs’ BBM Music premium subscription package, which created lots of confusion among users.  To clarify that BlackBerry through there blog post, said that BBM Music premium subscription entitles a user to more than 50 songs, this is by a user first can have 50 songs from millions of songs available, then the user can add more music and listen to it by accessing their friends’ playlists.

BlackBerry BBM Music Service

“With a BBM Music Premium subscription, you can access far more than 50 songs. To start your BBM Music profile, you can choose up to 50 songs from the millions in our catalog. But, that’s just the beginning! Add more music to your library by adding friends and get access to your BBM friends’ music profile songs. The more BBM friends with BBM Music Premium subscriptions you have, the more songs you can share! And the sharing goes both ways. Your BBM friends with BBM Music Premium subscriptions will have access to your profile music too, and can access it anytime.”

BBM Music is a BBM-connected social music service that allows BBM and BlackBerry smart phone users to discover, play and grow their music collections together. It also allows to save the music to microSD card for easy offline listening. There are currently two types of BBM Music subscription packages available :

BBM Music Service Subscription
  • Premium BBM Music subscription – The Premium ‘full track’ BBM Music experience is available for a monthly subscription of $4.99 USD ( roughly around Rs 250). The Premium version currently will feature a free Premium trial offer of 2months for US and Canada and one month free in Australia.
  • Free BBM Music subscription – Free subscription delivers the same social experience as the Premium subscription, but with 30 second song previews versus full song tracks. Users can upgrade from a Free subscription to a Premium subscription at any time.

You can download the BBM Music application from BlackBerry appworld. Hope this new service from RIM will help them to gain more users, who are currently in a rush for Android and Apple smartphones.

Do comment your views on this new music service from BlackBerry.

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