Bing unveild HTML5 animated search Homepage

Its seems Microsoft‘s Bing search engine going the way of Google, to show off the power of HTML5 on their homepage. Visitors from U.S. Bing home page will be greeted by a leaf frog padding along a branch in Manu National Park, Peru. The video will be only visible to people using an HTML5-enabled browsers like latest version of Google chrome, Firefox or IE9. If the user is comes to the bing homepage without a compatible modern browser, they will continue to see the gorgeous still photography of the frog in the branch.

Currently this HTML5 version of Bing search homepage is available to US visitors, so if you want to see the animation simply follow the steps given in the video below. The video will show how users from any other country can also experience the Bing new html 5 animated homepage.
The html5 based page also adds interactive and informative details about the picture. If you mouse over the picture, hotspots reveal information about our amphibious friends, warning that the prettiest frogs are often the deadliest, and there’s a video on diamagnetism, which causes frogs to fly when subjected to strong magnetic fields.

Bing seems to give a challenge to famous Google doggle, which is popular for its interactive animated html5 based Google logo for special events and days.

Have you watched the Bing first html5 based search homepage? Do comment what you feel about it?

Link: Bing Search Engine

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