Bing Gets Complete Design Overhaul Adds up Social Sidebar, resembles Google

The search engine space is heating up, and Microsoft is spicing up their search engine BING with a complete overhaul of the design, bring up personalized and social features to it. The new redesigned search pages of Bing will remind you about the old Google search result pages. The new design has three parts the core search result, snapshot area and social sidebar panes.

While the search results seems to be not changed completely the listing of the results have improved with lots of personalized results. A snapshot area in the middle of the page that aggregates the additional features linked to your search. Like the reviews on a product, hotel room booking etc. The social sidebar shows relevant information from your friends on Facebook. Just like Google does with the ‘search plus your world‘.  The Bing social sidebar now shows option to Ask Friends, Friends Who Might Know, People Who Know and Activity Feed on Facebook. Bing also adds up the social sidebar with other social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Foursquare, Blogger and Google+, yup you heard that right Google + also get featured on the sidebar as the Google+ profiles are public to crawl.

Currently this service is available to Bing US search results. For enjoying this features, you can change your country preference to united States from here.

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