Bharti Airtel has launched a new HD Digital Video Recorder set-top box for its DTH Television customers on Wednesday .

The new HD DVR will enable customers to view HD and Standard Definition (SD) channels, pause, rewind and record up to 550 hours of content and is capable of receiving 3D signals as well.

The Airtel DVR also comes with a HDMI (High Definition Multi Media Interface) port for Video output and a HDMI Cable free along with the benefit of a true surround sound experience with the Digital Dolby Plus 7.1 feature, thus giving the viewer a complete audio-video experience on HD.

“We have over 15 per cent of our new customers in the top metros already coming in on HD, a trend that is expected to get a welcome impetus with the addition of HD Recorder to our portfolio,” Bharti Airtel Director and CEO (Airtel digital TV) Ajai Puri said.

The 3D-capable Airtel HD DVR is available at Rs. 4,490 for new subscribers, but existing subscribers can get it for Rs. 3,990. FYI, Airtel does not have 3D channels at present.

Airtel also introduced a cool new feature that lets you schedule recording via your mobile phone, so you can record your favorite TV shows even while you are not home and then watch the recorded show when you return home.

For activating the mobile recording feature, customers with Java enabled, GPRS handsets just need to send an SMS ‘mguide’ to 54325, from any of their 4 registered mobile numbers. On downloading the mobile recording application, customers by using their customer ID and password to log in and record shows. For recording shows over the internet, customers can use the same to login to their Self Care account
To avail the service, customers can just send an SMS HDREC to 54325 or call on 12148 (airtel Mobile customers toll free) or 1860-500-6500 (tolled) or 1800-102- 8080 (toll free).

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