In case of an emergency the first thing we do is to inform our loved ones about the situation, Bharti Airtel, India’s top telecom operator launched an innovative 24×7 Emergency Alert Service for its pan India customer base. This emergency alert service enables customers to alert their closest 10 loved ones simultaneously with just a call to one number ie; 55100. By enabling the tracking mode of the service, automated location alert will be sent in every 10 minutes to all your loved ones, for next half an hour.

Bharti Airtel introduces Emergency Alerts Service for Customers

Airtel Emergency Alerts is an 24×7 emergency alerting service, when a subscriber calls the emergency number(55100), a pre-defined group of up to 10 mobile numbers defined by the subscriber, usually family and friends are automatically and instantly informed along with the subscriber’s location. Once a subscriber signs up, the service will automatically be on 24×7 Alert mode. Customers can also ‘SMS SAFE‘ to 55100 and it will instantly inform their loved ones that they are safe or by ‘SMS HELP‘ to 55100 and it will inform them that they need help.

How to subscribe to the service

  • Dial 55100(toll-free) or SMS START to 55100(toll-free) to subscribe to the service.
  • After successful subscription, you need to invite a maximum of 10 friends through 55100 with their mobile phone numbers.
  • After you have invited 10 friends through 55100, they will get an SMS alert requesting their explicit consent for getting information from 55100 in case you are in an emergency, need help, or are safe. Your friends need to reply YES <your mobile no> to 8527355100 within 3 days of receiving the invitation, failing which they will not be added to your emergency alerts group and thus, will not receive your alerts.
  •  As and when any of your friends accept your invitation, a confirmation of their acceptance shall be sent to you.
  • A pre-recorded voice alert from the 10 digit number (CLI – Caller Line Identification) -8527355100 will be sent to all your group members whenever you send an emergency alert.

How to use the service

  • To send an emergency alert,  dial 55100 and disconnect the call
  • An SMS with your approximate location, and, a pre recorded voice alert will be sent to all your friends
  • SMS SAFE to 55100 and it will instantly inform your loved ones that you are safe 
  • SMS HELP to 55100 and it will inform your loved ones that you need help.

Customer availing this service will be charged a subscription fee of  Rs 30 for 30 days with fall back prices of Rs 10 (10 days) and Rs 1.5 (1 day) in case you have insufficient balance on your airtel mobile and will remain on auto renewal.

It’s one of a kind innovative service from India’s top telecom player, which will be helpful to the general public especially teenage girls, women, old age population etc. Will you be using this service? let us know.

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