Bharti Airtel India’s top telecom provider has announced its entrance to Mobile Advertising (m-Advertising) Business in India. Through this platform Airtel will equip advertisers to connect with their potential customers in a targeted and personalized fashion via their mobile phones, which seems to be an easy case as Airtel has got the biggest mobile customer base in India. The platform is designed to meet all the essential demands of advertisers such as inventory management, campaign management, reporting and analytics. m-Advertising platform by Airtel is fully comply with the TRAI guidelines.

With the mobile advertising market poised to grow by more than 40% over the next few years, Airtel with its technology, scale and customer intelligence is placed uniquely to leverage this growing medium. Airtel’s m-advertising platform will enable advertisers to land their message in a simple, effective manner in an increasingly complex media environment”. Through Airtel’s m-Advertising platform, advertisers will be able to leverage multiple communications outlets and tools such as mobile internet (WAP), Messaging services and Airtel digital TV to engage their audiences. Today, Airtel, also enjoys the capability to deliver massive reach in a high impact burst which can be delivered in just a few hours using touch points such as end of call notifications, recharge notifications & Digital TV guides.

Bharti Airtel enters Mobile Advertising (m-Advertising) Business

We are excited to launch our mobile advertising platform. Personalization, sharp segmentation and contextualization are increasingly making this platform an exciting proposition for brands” said K Srinivas, President – Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel.

It will not only create opportunities for increasing brand saliency but also conversions using technologies such as mobile couponing for segments such as youth, upper SEC, smartphone users etc. With this platform, companies can also extend their access to the rural audience with voice solutions.

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