Best Mobile Phone Batteries

Mobile phone are available these days with all the latest Apps which gives them a seemingly unlimited range of uses, but when going out on a limb and buying one of these latest devices you should pay attention to how long its battery can keep providing you with quality service once you fire up all of the phone’s new features. The mobile phone with the best features may not necessarily give you the longest battery life and then you’re not truly mobile because you can never go too far away from a power point.

The best mobile phone in the world is of little use to you when it runs out of power. Especially when you are nowhere near a source of electricity that you can plug your charger into. Many mobile phone manufacturers know this is an important consideration, and will tell you their phone has a certain time in which you can expect the battery to give you reliable service but this is totally reliant of how you are using it and what it is loaded up with.

In order to help you make up your mind which are the best mobile phones from a battery reliability point of view the following list may be of interest:

  • MOTO W233. The top of the list as far as battery life is concerned is the MOTO W233. This little phone is rated to keep giving you reliable service for up to nine hours of talking and a phenomenal 18.7 days when in the standby mode. Besides its outstandingly long life battery the MOTO W233 has three other outstanding features; it was the first mobile phone in the world to be made from recycled plastic water bottles; it is the world’s first carbon-neutral mobile phone; it is amazingly cheap.
  • ROKR E8. Another Motorola product, the ROKR E8 is also a leader in the long battery life stakes. This is rated as one of the best mobile phones in this area because of it having a battery life of seven and a half hours talk time along with over 12 days when on standby.
  • Sony Ericsson TM506. Up there with the best mobile phones as far as long lasting battery life goes is the Sony Ericsson TM506. This is the best of the Sony Ericsson range in this area as it will give you seven hours talking time and a standby time of 14 full days.
  • Samsung Upstage. This little two sided mobile phone comes with a free wallet. The wallet is not only for protecting the phone, it also serves as a second battery. In this way it can deliver talk time of over six hours and a waiting time of 16 hours.

Other mobile phones that give a talk time of six hours include the Samsung Reclaim, the Nokia 5130, Motorola’s RAZR2 and LG’s LX290. The best mobile phones are well represented in the longest lasting battery department as well as having loads of features. It will pay you to take all this into consideration when making your choice.

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