Don’t have that quiet few hours to sit down with a book? Start listening to your favourite books hands-free while commuting to work or during the morning working out section. Google has officially started selling audiobooks on Google Play. It’s a great way to read/listen to a book anytime, anywhere.

Audiobooks will be available across 45 countries (including India) and nine languages (complete list here). Google won’t be forcing you to take a subscription service like some of its competition. Instead, the company will be selling individual audiobooks at an affordable price. When we checked, the price of audiobooks in Google Play India starts as low as Rs 77 and goes all way up to Rs 3,000 mark. To get a feel for the story and adjust with the narrator’s voice, there is a free preview option for each audiobook.

Audiobooks now available on Google Play, supports Google Assistant

You could find the audiobooks under Google Play Books section and it will be accessible across Android, iOS and the web. Your Google Assistant on Google Home devices and on smartphones will be able to play this audiobook. You just have to say something like “Ok Google, read my book” to start playback. There are additional commands like “who is the author?“, “stop playing in 20 minutes” to set a timer. Do note that Google Assistant integration with audiobooks is limited to English language users.

Audiobooks on Google Play
  • You can buy single audiobook at an affordable price, with no commitments or monthly subscription.
  • Free preview of audiobooks to listen a few minutes on the storyline and narrator’s voice.
  • Google Assistant support for audiobooks. It’s available on Android phones and Google home smart speakers globally in English.
  • Share audiobooks with your family member through Family Library at no additional fee.
  • Can continue reading where you left off on a different device under your Google account.

As a launch offer, Google is offering flat 50 percent discount on your first audiobook purchase from Google Play. Also, the company is offering a discount on some of the popular audiobooks on its shelf.

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