Ask Yourself - Should I Send This E-mail? [Infographic]

By the time you read this post, your email inbox will be filled with lots of emails. There would a few productive emails and rest will be useless emails wasting your time.  According to studies done by Online IT Degree an employee receives between 110 and 200 emails every single day and out of it only about 10% of that being useful or any relevant to their job, rest you know :). For reading and dealing with the emails they spends an average of 13 hours per week emailing back and forth. It’s a single employee case, if you consider all the employees in a company, that seriously a loss of lots man hour and study shows this costs businesses about $650 billion each year. That’s the money companies loss for the use of a free service like email. Here is a nice Infographics provided by Online IT Degree explaining all about this.

(click on the image to expand and to view in full size)

should i send this email Infographics

So what do you think, should you send that mail. Do comment your views on it.

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