Arkeia Software, a worldwide provider of backup and disaster recovery software and appliances, today announced the availability of a no-cost, perpetual license of Arkeia Network Backup version 9 for small networks.

Founded in 1996, Arkeia Software delivered the first professional network backup solution for Linux in 1997. Today, Arkeia continues to provide the deepest and broadest support for Linux and open source and protects more than 130 Linux platforms, including all Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, Mandriva, Novell, OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu distributions.  With these new offerings Arkeia acknowledges the work of thousands of Linux users who have donated time and expertise to make Linux a viable operating system alternative worldwide.

Fully-featured Network Backup

Arkeia Network Backup, Free Edition is fully-featured and is not time-limited. One free, perpetual license is granted per individual (for personal use) or per company (for corporate use) and only web registration is required.  The no-cost license includes:

  • One backup server for any Linux distribution,
  • Two backup agents to protect two machines including Windows workstations and any Linux, Mac OS X and BSD machines,
  • Support of up to 250GB capacity for backup to disk,
  • Support of any single tape drive for backup to tape, and
  • Technical Support via on-line forums, knowledgebase, and Arkeia’s documentation wiki.

“Linux is an ideal platform for secure, reliable backups,” said Fred Renard, Arkeia Software’s VP Marketing.  ”Arkeia maintains an on-going commitment to offer no-cost versions of its backup solution to the Linux community.  Arkeia has offered no-cost licenses for backup servers and agents since 2000, and currently offers no-cost licenses for Ubuntu and VMware environments.  Beginning today, we have extended support to all Linux platforms.”

Broad Support for Open Source Platforms

Arkeia Software delivered the first professional network backup solution for Linux in 1997, the first Oracle on Linux backup support in 2000 and the first commercial support for MySQL backup in 2002.  Today, Arkeia provides broad support for open source operating systems, databases, directory services and applications. Arkeia:

  • Supports any Linux distribution on architectures including Intel x86-32, Intel x86-64, Itanium-2, Power PC, and zSeries as well as FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD
  • Provides hot backup solutions for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and OpenLDAP open source applications
  • Offers an open source reader for Arkeia’s backup format so customers will always have the freedom to restore data, whether from disk or tape, protected with Arkeia Network Backup Software.

Arkeia supports both backup servers and backup agents with more than 130 dedicated packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell SLES & OES, OpenSUSE, Debian, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Slackware, CentOS Scientific Linux, and Fedora. With its generic glibc (Gnu C-library) install, Arkeia supports virtually every other Linux distribution, including Gentoo, Linux Mint, or PCLinuxOS.

Availability and Download

This no-cost version is available now with a verified registration at:

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