It’s April 1st 2013 and its fool’s day, everyone trying to make every other a fool, obviously you always go into the trap and become a fool. Look out the web today, it’s the biggies like Google, Twitter, Sony and even Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart trying to make fool out of you.

What’s that smell? Find out with Google Nose

Google Nose April Fool Day

Ha its always Google first to make fool out you, this time with a new scent-sation in search with Google Nose. Now with Google Nose you can go beyond type, talk and touch for a new notation of sensation. Google has around Aromabase of 15 M+ scentibytes which are expertly curated Knowledge Panels pair images, descriptions and aromas. Not convinced try a Google search now. It leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available –

  • Street Sense vehicles have inhaled and indexed millions of atmospheric miles.
  • Android Ambient Odour Detection collects smells via the world’s most sensible mobile operating system.
  • SMELLCD 1.8+ high-resolution compatible for precise and controlled odours.

Gmail Blue

Gmail team takes on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Blue update with its funny Gmail Blue update. It changes every color in Gmail to simply blue making it beautiful, fast and powerful.

YouTube’s ready to select a winner

Did you know all this year Youtube was just a competition, an eight-year contest to find the best video on the web. The final day is here, Google will select the winner for the Youtube contest and then fully close down Youtube. “We’ve been thrilled with all of the diverse, creative entries we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait to begin the process of selecting the best video. We’ll be announcing the winner in 10 years.

Google Maps Treasure Mode

Search and find ancient hidden treasure with Google Map’s treasure mode. When applied the whole map turns to a pirate treasure map with landmarks and hidden treasure chests. Let’s find some treasure near you Google Maps.

Free Twttr and Premium Twitter Service with vowels

Twitter is not left behind during this fool’s day. Its shifting to a two-tiered service one which is free basic service, Twttr, but you only get consonants and with a monthly $5 you can get a premium “Twitter” service which also includes vowels.

We’re doing this because we believe that by eliminating vowels, we’ll encourage a more efficient and “dense” form of communication. We also see an opportunity to diversify our revenue stream” company said in its official blog.

In addition to advertisers Twitter is offering a single character extension, expanding the length of a Tweet to 141 characters, for those moments when you need just one more character to finish your thought. Twttr will roll out slowly to a small percentage of users, growing to 100% over the next few days. To make the transition easier for you, Twitter has built a site that automatically transforms your Tweets into a Twttr friendly format, try it today at

Sony Animalia line of products

Sony Animalia line of products

Do your cat or dong loves music, then it’s for you them. Sony launched Animalia line of technology products specially designed and created for pets. The introductory line-up includes Sony-branded products targeted at owners with dogs, cats and hamsters, with additional devices and networked services slated for release later this year. Check out this video to learn all about our new K9 4K TV, M3-OW KittyCans, and In-Cage Speakers.

Flipkart Delivery of Cash (DOC)

When global players making fool out people they why not local players, India’s biggest e-commerce player Flipkart got a really authentic new product on their bag. Introducing Delivery of Cash (DOC), Flipkart gears up to initiate its one-of-a-kind Delivery of Cash service. You no longer have to visit ATMs for that much needed money! Just go online or call our ever-ready personnel to get quick cash delivered home. And pay us with a simple swipe of your card!

Flipkart Delivery of Cash (DOC)

Sound interesting, be the first to know about the beta product here.

Instagram now available for Windows Phone

Your #2Instawithlove prayer has been answered! Instagram comes to Windows Phone, Grab it here.

Instagram now available for Windows Phone

Not able to install the app on your Windows Phone. Sh.. Did you forgot to read the last line in the feature list saying “And Happy April 1st 2013!..

Nokia’s first Microwave Oven

The world’s best mobile manufacturer, just unveiled its first Microwave Oven. Nokia 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation, a Lumia styled touch-screen microwave oven. The Constellation sets itself apart with a superfast, water-cooled 8-core high-voltage transformer, which brings a combined performance of 5,000 watts to end-users, letting them heat up turnkey meal solutions within seconds.

Nokia's first Microwave Oven

Nokia has a proven track record and extensive IPR in working with microwave radios, so for us this was a logical next step. We can attack our competition in their core business,” says Olavi Huhtikuu, Nokia’s director of household innovation.

The device has a highly sensitive touch display which can be operated with oven mitts, enabling you to conveniently select one of 25 different performance levels in order to heat up the 40-litre cooking chamber. Reflecting Nokia’s strong design heritage, the device comes in a variety of colors including blue cheese cyan, lemon yellow and liquorice black. The product also comes with a selection of apps, sensors and a high-resolution PureFood camera that automatically shares pictures of ready meals with friends and family via social networks.

Nokia also just made fun of the entire Android community with their latest eye-tracking technology. Nokia says The device comes with the latest eye-tracking technology, which stops the food from rotating when you look at it, and it automatically adjusts the temperature depending on how hungry you look. The Constellation will begin shipping in Q2 with a retail price of €399 before taxes or subsidies. Go get it here.

Google+ Photos with Emotion

Now you add add stylized emotions to your Google+ photos. To give it a try, simply open one of your pictures in the lightbox, and click the “Add emotion” button at the top left of the screen.

Google + Photos with Emotion

We will plumb the emotional depths of everyone in the photo, then summarize their feelings with a beautifully crafted, emotion icon. Click on the button again to return to the original version of your photo. We hope you enjoy using the feature and we look forward to seeing your emotionally-charged posts” says Erik Murphy-Chutorian on Google+ Posts.

Google Self-writing code

Google Self-writing code

Taylor Santo, Google Developer, developed the latest innovation, self-writing code. It’s way similar to self-driving car project, he said “It was pretty simple to write actually. I just put a function within a function, a loop within a loop, copy-and-pasted a few times and bingo, I was done” on Google+ Post.

Samsung SMART Eco Trees

Samsung Electronics announced Eco Trees, a smart, eco-friendly air purifier that runs on solar energy. It has lots of Samsung’s “S” feature including the S (Solar) Beams, S Buds, SMART Shades, SMART Cooling, SMART View, SMART Color, SMART Share and more.

Samsung SMART Eco Trees

Eco Trees are already available in most regions around the world, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For more information head over to Samsung’s blog.

That’s all for now, we will update this post with more funny April Fool Prank’s of 2013 as we find..

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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