That day has come, when you get seriously fooled around by your friends and when you get online, then again fooled by the big tech giants. It’s April Fool’s day and keeping the tradition, everyone is here to fool you. Well, we will try to save you from some of the best April Fool pranks, hoaxes and comedies around the web today. This post will be updated with more stories as we discover more pranks, so do check back.

Dash Energy drink from OnePlus

Want to give your body a day’s power in just half an hour? Want to end the 8 hours of sleep a day? Well, OnePlus has launched Dash Energy drink, a neural performance enhancer that immediately increases alertness, energy, and concentration levels in your body.

OnePlus Dash Energy drink April Fool

The energy drink is best for performing high-intensity activities like hiking, swimming, and running. Want to grab one? the Dash Energy drink will be available in limited quantities at exclusive events. So watch out OnePlus official Facebook and Twitter channels to grab one [link].

Ms PAC-MAN is here

Ms PAC-MAN is here! You can now chomp fruits, avoid those ghosts and collect PAC-Dots along your neighbourhood or city streets right from Google Maps. You can start playing by clicking the Ms PAC-Maps icon on Google Maps app for Android or iOS. If you are on the desktop, then click the Ms PAC-Maps button at the bottom left on the web version of Google Maps [link].

Note you need enough roads and streets in your area for Ms PAC-MAC to get around.

Ms PAC-MAN on Google Maps

Honda Horn Emojis

Introduction Honda Horn Emojis, a driver to driver communication that offers a full range of expressive horn sounds. Loved it, it will soon find its way to your Honda vehicles.

Samsung Exynos Yoga Processor

The year would be big for foldable smartphones as Samsung has launched its Exynos Yoga Processor.

Amazon Echo with Petlexa

Want your dogs, cats, and other animals to communicate with Alexa Echo home assistant? Well, it’s now possible with Petlexa. With Petlexa your pets have the freedom to place orders from Amazon, activate smart home enabled toys and off course, get answers for their queries.

Google Gnome is here

The power of voice-activated, hands-free help just wanted for your yard has arrived with Google Gnome. What can it do? you can ask Gnome all kinds cool questions, like – “what’s the difference between cirrocumulus and cumulonimbus clouds“, “why is humidity the worst” etc.

Google Gnome

Gnome is designed to work for humans as well as dogs. It can play music in the garden, Marco Polo in the pool, and hide and seek in the yard. It also got the ability to take charge of your backyard tools.

Google Wind

That’s from Google Netherlands engineers, who have this crazy idea to use machine language to control the weather using the famous windmills. With Google Wind, you can also decide when and where to rain.

Honor BFF smartphone

Stressed out at work? You need some motivation and compliments in your day to day life. The mobile vendor Honor things the same way and has come up BFF smartphone. The mobile adds intelligent sensors and machine learning to learn and remind you of your value to the world. [link]

Honor BFF smartphone - April Fool

Nvidia GTX G-Assist

Gamers out there here is the newest revolution in gaming from Nvidia – the Nvidia GTX G-Assist. It may be about the size of a flash drive, but it takes advantage of cutting-edge NVIDIA artificial intelligence. Next time when you need to step away from your PC, the GTX G-Assist will take over, playing at your skill level until your return. To know more and to pre-order head over to Geforce.

Nvidia GTX G-Assist

Google Cloud Platform expands to Mars

To support the most demanding disaster recovery and data sovereignty needs of Earth-based customers, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has announced an expansion to Mars. The data centre named ‘Ziggy Stardust’ will open in 2018 and ill bring the power of Google’s compute, network, and storage to the rest of the solar system. Don’t forget to explore the data centre in Google Maps.

Google Cloud Platform expands to Mars

Chetan Bhagat’s Electric car project

Would you love to see the first demo of Chetan Bhagat’s electric car project prototype? Well, he has stopped writing and now looking to be the next Elon Musk.

Mischief of a pretty face with LG X Boom FH2

You can start a party anywhere with LG X Boom. When we say partying, it can also be in the hotel lobby. Watch out how LG India pranks a couple of people during April Fool’s day using its LG X Boom.

Say Hello to OLA Wheels

One of India’s top ride sharing platform OLA cabs has launched OLA Wheels, an ultra-short commute with voice-based AI. It’s smart, fun, user-focused, spatially aware and self-driving, you just need to stand in it.

Say Hello to OLA Wheels

OLA Wheels has been fully integrated into OLA apps. You can book the service by clicking Wheels icon on the app. Also, don’t forget to use the promo code APR1 to claim your first free ride. OLA Wheels is currently rolling out for corporate business zones. The company plans to expand it other areas very soon.

Xiaomi Smart Motorcycle

Time to get smarter and for that the Chinese mobile vendor has announced Mi Smart Motorcycle. It’s still coming soon.

Some accessories for Chromebook

Got a Google Chromebook, then you can now buy mobile accessories for your Chromebooks. Google has reengineered, redesigned and adapted the accessories to fit on the larger screens and convertible form factors.

Mobile accessories for Chromebook

Some of the newest accessories include the Chromebook Groupie Stick – as the name suggests it’s a Chromebook-sized selfie stick perfect for taking group selfies. Chromebook Cardboard which you can use to enjoy immersive VR via Chromebooks. Finally the Chromebook Workout Armband, which is a fitness band which you can use to attach your Chromebook to your hand while exercising. Learn more about it at Chromebooks blog.

Google now and Google Play for your Pets

On the Google app for iOS, you can now use 3D Touch on the app icon or head to settings and select I’m Feeling Woof or I’m Feeling Meow to let your dogs and cats get info on topics they care about.

Google has also introduced Google Play for Pets, a new category of Android apps and games to keep your pet engaged. More info on the update can be found on Google’s blog post.

Google can now translate Heptapod B

First, if you have not seen the movie ‘Arrival’ then watch it. Google translation team have partnered with Dr Louise Banks, esteemed linguistics professor, to develop instant camera translation for Heptapod B. Learn more about it at Google blog.

Google can now translate Heptapod B

That’s it!

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