It’s Sunday, it’s holiday and most importantly its April Fool day. Thus, everyone got lots of time to bring up their creative pranks to fool you around. In the wide world of internet, from tech giants to small startups, everyone is here to fool you. Well, we try to save you from some of the best April Fool 2018 pranks, hoaxes and comedies around the web today.

This post will be updated with more and more pranks, so do check back.


Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio want to disrupt the mobile industry. The telco has introduced JioJuice, which will let you say goodbye to chargers and heavy power banks.

Its simple, just insert the Jio SIM on to your phone and it starts charging it. Talking about the technology behind this, it uses the wireless Jio network to create an electromagnetic field between the transmitter and receiver. That’s between the Jio telephone tower and you’re Jio SIM. This enables a free transfer of energy through electromagnetic induction, thus charging your phone all time.

Razer Project Venom v2

Gaming enthusiasts, Razer has a new product for you. Introducing ‘Project Venom V2‘, which is a nanobots-based upgrade, that makes you an extension of the world’s deadliest gaming hardware.

Razer Project Venom v2 - April Fool 2018 prank

Once you consume it, the Razer Nano-Mechanical Bots will navigate your body to manipulate and interact with you at a molecular level. These nanobots stretch your meaty shell to its limits to deliver maximum gaming performance with minimal harm and fatigue.

Its key features include “Trigger Finger” which increases left or right click speeds and mouse click reaction times. The “Key Storm” increases key press speeds to over 9000 APM. Finally, “Eagle Eye” increases map awareness by almost 500 percent and eye reaction times by 5000 FPS for guaranteed headshots.

PeiCoin by OnePlus

Are you thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies? Well, OnePlus is into that game with ‘PeiCoin‘. It’s a peer-to-peer digital currency created exclusively and only OnePlus smartphone users. Baked right into the Oxygen OS, you can mine PeiCoin with you’re OnePlus device. Essentially, you get paid to use your phone.

Find Waldo in Google Maps

This year Google Maps team is bringing a game – “Where’s Waldo?“. It essentially takes you or help you to explore different location all over the world.

Waldo has already shared his location on Google Maps and you only need to find him. To start playing, go to Google Maps on web/desktop or update your mobile apps, and you would see Waldo waving at you from the side of your screen. From there, you’ll be transported to places all around the world, where you can search for Waldo over and over again.

Find Waldo in Google Maps during April Fool's 2018

Adding more fun to the game, Google Maps will keep track of the score and award you with wacky badges throughout the journey.

Ask the duck!

Developers heaven, Stack Overflow now has duck powers. You just need to explain the problem to that rubber duck and it will provide a powerful method for solving even the most difficult problems.

Stack Overflow April fool 2018 rubber duck

“Quack”, you could find the rubber duck at the bottom right on every page of Stack Overflow. “Insights are often found by simply describing the problem aloud“.

Google Cloud Hummus API

Google Cloud team has launched a groundbreaking technology – Hummus API. It’s a unique platform that analyses your taste with a quick “lick test”. Then, uses Google’s advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to match you with the perfectly adopted hummus dish.

Ola News Network

One of India’s top cab-hailing app OLA has introduced a revolutionary form of journalism – Ola News Network. The service is powered by around one million strong OLA driver partners, spread across 110 cities in the country.

With Ola News Network, you get instant updates on a variety of topics like traffic, weather and more from anywhere in India. It will be available soon on all Prime Play cabs and on your Ola app.

Anti-aging Ice Cream from UberEats

Uber Eats has come up with anti-aging ice cream. The smooth and creamy dark chocolate ice cream, that also works on 8 signs of ageing. Uber Eats has big plans for future and one of it is this anti-aging ice creams of different exotic flavours.

Only a limited stock is available right now, so make sure you pre-book this delicious ice cream before it gets over.

Oyo Smart Coin

Oyo is going big with blockchain technology and has launched “Oyo Smart Coin”. You can use it on their website to book hotel rooms and get big discounts. However, registration for Oyo Smart Coin has ended and what’s left is this announcement.

The Urban Ladder

One of India’s top online furniture store Urban Ladder has launched a new product “The Urban Ladder“. It’s a combination of chair and ladder specially designed to elevate ‘me time’. It has inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, Thermal mug holder and even a Charging station. Would you be interested in buying?

The Urban Ladder April Fool 2018
Honor Toilet Insurance

Do you use your phone while on the toilet? Well, you need to have Honor’s “Toilet Insurance” just in case you drop the phone in the toilet.

Currently available only in the US, the Honor Smartphone Toilet Insurance will offer full protection for your phone even when you drop it while doing your business in the toilet. Also, it’s available free of charge to Honor 7x and Honor View 10 owners who purchased between April 1 and May 31.

Honda Sixth Sense

Cars have hundreds of sensors to avoid collisions. Why not something that can help normal users walking around on phones?

Honda is introducing a revolutionary new mobile app called “Honda Sixth Sense”. It helps you to stay alert when you’re deep on the mobile. The “sidewalk departure warning” will alert you when you’re about to veer off the sidewalk. The “360 collision system” can automatically detect threats from all angles and help you to avoid it. One of our favourites is the “personal avoidance system” which lets you avoid people you don’t want to run into and reroutes to a better path.

ixigo Kavach

One of India’s leading travel marketplace ixigo has introduced “ixigo Kavach“. A smart lock that creates an invisible shield around your bag. Build using military grade steel, the lock is 100 percent waterproof and comes with USB Type-C charging. It packs Bluetooth, fingerprint and GPS technology.

ixigo Kavach April Fool 2018 prank

Ixigo Kavach has various lock modes such as ‘electronic shockwave’ which gives out an extreme electric shock if someone tries to steal your bag. Then there is ‘Sound & Phone Alert’, where you can set custom sound messages such as “yeh mera bag hai”, “haath mat lagana”, etc, which will play loud as soon as someone takes the bag out of its geo-fence. You will also instantly receive an alert on your phone about the breach.

Mi A1 with triple Dual Camera

Three cameras at the back like in Huawei P20 Pro is just a thing of past. Xiaomi is bringing triple dual cameras to its smartphone. Triple dual cameras mean a total of 6 camera lens at the rear of your smartphone. The newer Mi A1 model will be the first to feature these cool hex-camera units, which are placed horizontally one after the other.

On the way, if you are looking for previous year’s April fool pranks then check out our 2017 and 2016 roundup list. It includes some of the best pranks ever made by companies like Google, OnePlus, Samsung and Amazon.

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