Doubting which smartphone available in India supports the recently launching Airtel’s 4G LTE smartphone services in Bangalore. No more doubts the premium Apple iPhone’s – iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c mobile devices will work on the Airtel’s 4G LTE network. Apple has confirmed this report by updating its LTE support page ( on its official website and in addition Apple has started rolling out updates to Indian iPhone users.

Apple confirms iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c works in Airtel 4G

Apple iPhone 5s with Model A1530 and iPhone 5c with Model A1529 are being sold in India and will support the band 40 (TD 2300) through which Airtel currently offering its 4G LTE services. Airtel will be using Circuit Switched FallBack (CSFB) technology for its 4G LTE service on mobile devices. Under this technology users will be on 4G LTE network during data usage section and when they receive or make a call the network will automatically switched to 3G or 2G depending on what’s available. Both new iPhone’s will flawlessly support the CSFB technology.

Also to get prepared for the party Apple has already started pushing an carrier settings update on both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c users on Airtel’s network in India. This update from Apple enables the LTE toggle option, that was earlier limited to only 3G.

So get ready for some speedy actions on your iPhone’s.

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