Apple on Oct 4, announced a new version of the iPhone 4  the iPhone 4S.With the all new A5 Dual core processor, a 8MP camera which is able to shoot 1080p videos right on your mobile, and a all new Siri software.

The A5  processor has a faster and 7X graphics performance, faster web browsing and launching of application.Now the 8MP camera with a new optics  allows you to take stunning pictures and a 1080p video recording with Image stabilization.

ios 5 the worlds advanced mobile operating system brings over 200 new feature to iPhone 4S.Now the iPhone 4S comes with iCloud which enables us manage all stuff easily by storing them in the cloud and can be accessed wireless in all the device.

The iPhone 4S now supports HSDPA 14.4 Mbps of maximum data download speed.The Siri is the Intelligent assistant that helps you to get your things done,by recognizing your voice.

The iPhone 4S ‘s A5 chip is power- efficient and thus provides a longer battery life that iPhone 4.

Now you can do everyday things like browsing the web,take stunning photos,sent  messages,check email or you can ask Siri to to you things done.

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