That’s a question we would like to ask to our readers, do you think Apple iPhone 5 is better than the recently launch Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S4, or HTC One or Sony Xpera Z? Do you think iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy S4 Octa-core/Quad-core processor, 5 inch full HD Super AMOLED display with 441ppi, 13 megapixel camera and Android Jelly Bean with Samsung’s “S” enhancements. Got doubt’s? Apple have published a new webpage in its official website just two days after the Samsung Galaxy s4 launch explaining why iPhone 5 is better than any competitors smartphone.

Do you think Apple iPhone 5 is Better than Samsung Galaxy S4?

The page starts with a bold title “There’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else.What makes an iPhone unlike anything else? Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things. Or that it lets you do so many things so easily. Those are two reasons iPhone owners say they love their iPhone. But there are many others as well.

Apple tries to explain why iPhone 5 is better, by  highlighting its top features like –

  • iPhone has received eight straight J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction.
  • iPhone’s design, aluminum build, precision crafted, light and thin
  • Only iPhone has the Retina display
  • Great battery life. Without a great big battery – 8 hours of talk time, up to 8 hours of browsing over cellular networks, and up to 10 hours of video playback.
  • The A6 chip is powerful but not power-hungry
  • iPhone gives you ultrafast wireless and LTE.
  • The world’s most popular camera – Flickr top 3 most popular cameras are iphone’s.
  • The iTunes Store is the world’s largest and most trusted entertainment store.
  • iOS 6. The world’s most advanced mobile operating system.
  • Only iPhone has Siri. Your wish is its command.
  • iCloud puts your content on all your devices.
  • iPhone comes with something unique:  support from real people.

Still not convinced, read the whole story here. So what do think, Apple iPhone is better than Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One or Sony Xperia z.

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