According to various sources and tweets, Anonymous India hacker group, has taken down Supreme Court website (, AICC – official Indian congress website ( and DOT ( websites on regards of  Internet censorship.

Anonymous Takes Down Supreme Court, AICC & DOT Websites in Response to Torrent Block

As we are writing this all the websites seems to be back online, without any noticeable issues. We think this hacking attempt on Indian Govt sites are done in response to latest DOT and Court order to block Torrent based websites in India in the ISP level. Hacking down Supreme court website seems to be getting negative impact on the hackers group, as Honble Supreme court seems to be always on the side of the people of country, defending against Govt unwanted decisions and supporting political interest.

Reliance and Copyright Labs behind recent Torrent Block

We have also got hand over the court order which blocked down The Pirate bay, video sharing site Vimeo and other torrent sites. It seems Reliance Communications and Chennai based Copyright Labs are behind this John Doe order dated 29th of March, 2012. The order was taken by Reliance Big Movies for their upcoming movie Dangerous Ishhq and Copyright Labs for their two movies Dhammu (Tamil) and 3 (Telugu). Earlier also Reliance secured court order to block file sharing sites on the ISP level in the country while releasing the Hindi movie Singham.

According to BRG, Harish Ram CEO of Copyright Labs commented on this recent block “We have been fighting for this for long and it seems the ISPs are finally responding

Indian ISP’s who will be blocking the Torrent access due to the court order involves BSNL, MTNL, Bharti Airtel, Aircel, Hathway Cable & Datacom, SSTL, Vodafone,Idea,Relaince Communications, Tata teleservices, OZone Networks, Tikona digital Network, BG Broadband India and Sify Technologies.

Update – It seems Anonymous is in a war, they have now taken down websites of Ministry of information technology ( and Copyright Labs ( While checking it seems both this sites and AICC -official Indian congress website to be fully down. Anonymous India in there official Twitter account stated “RT: TANGODOWN : & & #Anonymous will not stop until the sites are unblocked!

Anonymous Attacks MIT and Copyright labs websites

It seems the whole Indian web space been talking about this block on file sharing sites, illegal music sharing sites and torrents sites.

On which side you are? What’s your opinion?

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