Anonymous India Street Protest against Internet Censorship (9th June)

Popular hacktivist group, Anonymous India is planning for a major non violent street protest on 9th June at multiple cities in India. This protest is against Internet Censorship and against the recent block of file sharing and torrent sites in India, by Government and cooperate agencies. Earlier this month Anonymous has made high-profile hacks to Govt’s and other private parties websites in response to the internet censorship.

Major Indian cities where protest is conducted include Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, UP,Indore,Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Calicut, Nagpur and Pune. To know more about the exact location in your city check here.

Anonymous has put down some important directives for the protest, as to ensure the protest remain as peaceful as possible –

  • The protest is a Non-Violent one.
  • Protesters may not use vehicles to protest as this may cause accidents, please keep vehicles out of the protest crowd.
  • One shall not keep any harmful items like weapons, stones etc with oneself.
  • Those who can wear the Guy Fawkes Mask. Printable version is available on the web here.
  • Please bring placards, banners etc that you can prepare so for the cause.
  • For whom it is possible bring cameras and record events. Use your smart phone to stream it online using ustream. This will give us proof if something bad is attempted at the protest.
  • Fire or burning at all of any figures or material is to NOT be done.
  • Please hand over anyone who causes violence to the police.
  • Protest well. Our future may depend on it.

According to Anonymous press release “ On June 9th we will be organizing massive protests in multiple locations all over the country and we are calling every one who can be there to be there. We remind the Indian public that trusting a corrupt government to solve corruption and other problems is like expecting a serial killer to catch himself.

Any one who feels they need this movement needs to be in their city can start a FB page for the Occupy City movement and let us know about it. We call on the people to help spread this message and get your friends and family to join this noble cause.”

Its one of the kind, biggest protest against India Government on Internet censorship. As Govt trying to control more and more the Internet, the protest is becoming more stronger.

Will you be participating in the protest? Do comment your views.

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