Anonymous Exposes Reliance ISP Block list - Suggest Govt Intervention

Some serious allegation and exposure by Anonymous India hacker group, they have released list of sites blocked by Reliance ISP which also includes Facebook, Orkut pages which were created by Air India employees to protest against Govt. The hacker claim that Reliance was blocking various Indian sites and social networking pages without any prior court orders and thus breaking the law. Anonymous India says Reliance has been cooperating and made tie with India government to help them defend the Air India employees strike.

Anonymous Claiming Reliance Tie with India Govt
Reliance ISP blocking Facebook and Orkut Pages

Anonymous India said on their release “With this leak we are proving to you something that no one had ever attempted to prove. The Indian government is not only useless when it comes to protecting and serving it’s people but is also equally powerless when it comes to controlling the big guns such as reliance. The following is a list of Sites and URL’s blocked by reliance. Just give it a quick check with list that government has and see how many sites and URL’s are here without the peoples and governments knowledge. Or did the government of yours really know and kept quite due to the special Corrupt special services that they are running for them. Shhhh.. Before you deny It read more.

When we first hacked into reliance they realised that we had the list and also cause of the media coverge they knew they were in trouble as they themselves knew that they broke the law and the trust of it’s customers. When they saw media was knowing this they started unblocking the sites to make it look like they are heroes and reliance did you feel it would be so easy for you to do that and not cross us. Bad Idea. You tried to change our passwords and tried everything you know to stop us. For your information We Dont Even Care If You Have A Password. Stop Attacking people and their freedom and we will stop.

We have taken the complete blocked list and sorted it out and it seems around 385 website and Social media pages were blocked by Reliance both legally and illegally. We have embedded the full list here for your verification. Also you can checkout the full list, that Anonymous India posted.

Earlier this month only Reliance Communications and Chennai based Copyright Labs got John Doe order from court to block file sharing and torrent sites from Indian ISP providers.

What do you think about Reliance’s tie up directly with India Govt to block sites? Do comment your views

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