You may have heard about India Government plans to build a Central Surveillance System that’s capable to monitor everything we do online including tracking our phone calls. Internet activists group Anonymous India has launched a campaign against this cyber monitoring system and asks support of citizens to sign a petition on Avaaz that tell Indian government to respect internet freedom and the privacy online.

Anonymous asks support to take on India Governments Surveillance System - India Central Monitoring System

India Central Monitoring System the ambitious surveillance project is prepared by the Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TREM) and Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) for India Government and being manned by the Intelligence Bureau. According to Anonymous the ICMS can monitor everything you do online, even without a suspicion of crime. This means that the government will have full access to your phone calls, chat logs and e-mails, even without telling you why. Indian Government has started implementing the new monitoring system starting this month, April 2013.

Anonymous will never accept such laws since we believe that the power should belong to the people, and the people do not want to be monitored like this. We therefore ask you to sign this petition on Avaaz to tell the Indian government to respect internet freedom and the privacy online. We DID stop SOPA, PIPA and ACTA this way, and we will be able to fight ICMS the same way.” said Anonymous in a note on Pastebin.

If you are against Govt’s act on building surveillance system to monitor user activity then Anonymous asks you to signup for the petition on Avaaz and spread the message online using the hashtag #StopICMS. Anonymous also want the people to arrange demonstration against this on your city to raise awareness and mail local politicians in India and tell them to get involved in the fight against ICMS.

The Center for Internet and Society has published a paper on Central Monitoring System (CMS) where you can have more insight on the project. Anonymous has designed a infographics explaining the ICMS.

STOP ICMS Anonymous India

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