The social media optimization “Periodic Table” is an easy way to visualize what tools are used in order to gain credibility, gain followers towards your campaign, and which are used to do a little bit of both at the same time. Be it Twitter, Facebook, mention on the internet about your product or company or just checking the general publicity that you have, this periodic table makes for both a good place to start and a comprehensive list of tools to use.

In the era of “Web 2.0,” messages are sent fast and in great volumes. Sorting through the massive amount of data that gets sent on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is practically impossible to do by hand. That’s why these tools are essential to any social media optimization strategy. It’s also important to realize what nets you a large following on the internet and what lets you reach your already established base of listeners.

This chart tells you just what app should be used for what, and what it does at a glance. It’s not a comprehensive guidebook that explains what you need to do in order to have a successful social media campaign, but it does help teach you the relation that certain applications have between each other and which are best used for what sort of strategy with its detailed “App Map.”

An Invaluable Guide to Social Media Optimization: The SMO Periodic Table & App Map

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The detail contained within this chart is extensive to those that understand the value of maintaining a proper social media campaign. The fact that a decent-sized chunk of these applications focus on Twitter proves further that this chart is invaluable. Any company, group or individual that wants to have both a proper grasp of how social media optimization works and to know what applications should be used to successfully develop a loyal audience in this new, faster era of Web 2.0 communication should keep this periodic table close at hand.

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