Amazon India has finally added some additional layers of security to protect your valuable items while in transit till delivery. These include securing your delivery with an OTP and tamper-evident packaging. It seems they are fed up with issues like missed or wrong delivery, missing products, etc. So let us see how exactly will these new measures secure your expensive products.

How Amazon Secures Your Valuable Package

When you order a valuable product like a mobile phone from Amazon India. They will pack and ship the item in a tamper-evident bag. This package has a unique package ID printed on it both in text and as QR code. Along with that, the package is made tamper proof with security numbering at edges and a blue seal tape. The blue seal tape has a VOID/TAMPERED text printed on it which is normally invisible. The tape also has a central line which is usually not pink except at the edges.

Amazon India Adds New Security Measures To Protect Your Package
How To Accept The Amazon  Secured Delivery

When your order is out for delivery, Amazon will send you the unique package ID and a 6-digit OTP to your registered email and mobile number. You can also find the same from your order details in the official website and app. There is an additional 4-digit PIN next to the agent’s contact number, which is only required when you need to contact the delivery agent.

Amazon India unique package ID and a 6-digit OTP
Amazon India unique package ID and a 6-digit OTP

Now all you need is wait for the agent to come to your doorstep. When he arrives, verify the package ID, check for any tampering to the security numbering (123, 456) and the blue seal. If you notice package ID mismatch, physical damage, torn security numbering, visible VOID/TAMPERED text and a complete pink line on the blue seal, you should reject it without thinking twice. If everything seems okay, accept the package by sharing the 6-digit OTP or entering it yourself in the agent’s device.


Amazon seems to have solved, some delivery related issues with the new security measures. They have also clearly mentioned that you should not share the secure OTP with any unknown person. You can share it with another person (for eg: neighbour) if necessary for accepting the package. Moreover, Amazon also warns not to share the 6-digit OTP with the delivery agent over the phone. However, there is a problem, if not well-informed, a customer might share this OTP over the phone to a delivery agent by mistaking it as the conversation PIN. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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