Looking for faster internet? Faster than your usual broadband connection? Well, look into Airtel’s new fiber internet service with speed touching 100Mbps.

Indian telecom operator Airtel has introduced its own fiber broadband service dubbed as ‘Airtel V-Fiber’. The superfast wired broadband solution can offer speed up to 100Mbps. That’s equivalent to downloading a full-length HD movie within minutes.

Airtel V-Fiber broadband connection is available as a free upgrade to all existing Airtel broadband subscribers. You only need to invest on a new modem for the broadband connection. For new customers, Airtel will be offering the connection with unlimited internet offer for first three months.

Airtel V-Fiber Broadband service, super-high speed & free upgrade

So what’s Airtel V-Fiber? The V-Fiber is a combination of fiber and Vectorization technology that delivers super fast internet speed. The Vectorization technology is first in India and uses what called ‘Channel Bonding’. This is taking the different copper lines and multiplex the data stream to get a great speed push.

In simple words, this combination offers greater and consistent internet speeds. It won’t need new cable lines to be laid down if you already got a Airtel broadband connection and only needs an upgraded Airtel router.

With ‘V-Fiber’ and our national optic fiber backbone, we are all set to offer a future-ready network for tomorrow’s digitally connected homes,” said Ajai Puri, Director – Operations, Bharti Airtel. “This solution, besides reducing our carbon footprint, offers a very quick and convenient upgrade to the customer. We are also delighted to launch our innovative myHome Rewards and unlimited free voice calling facility for our customers,” he added.

Airtel V-Fiber Broadband features

  • Super-high speed up to 100Mbps.
  • Works with your current cable connection (need the new Airtel modem).
  • Free upgrade to all existing Airtel broadband customers wth no extra monthly rental.
  • Faster downloads, less buffering, and ultra-reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Do note that Airtel V-Fiber is currently available in Chennai city only. It will be expanded to Delhi & NCR and Bangalore in the coming weeks and to 87 more India cities in the coming months.

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