Lately, are you experiencing a better network coverage on your Airtel mobile connection in your area? Thanks to the massive contribution from people to Airtel’s Open Network initiative.

India’s top telecom operator Airtel started the Open Network initiative in June 2016, which opened up the company’s massive network information to its customers. From that date, million of Airtel mobile subscribers across India are sending in feedback and suggestions to improve the network. This also includes valuable leads to install new towers in an area.

Well, based on the feedback from its customers Airtel has upgraded over 9000 network sites across India. Wait there is more, over 30,000 existing network sites have been optimized by company’s network team to resolve the network related issues. So Airtel’s team actively engaged with customers to improve and optimize the network for them and their surrounding areas.

Airtel upgrades 9000+ towers under Open Network Initiative

We would like to express our gratitude to our customers for sharing their valuable feedback and supporting the Open Network initiative,” said Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel. ” We believe that with this initiative, we have made a small but positive beginning towards improving our network and hope that going forward more customers will join us,” he added.

Airtel’s Open Network micro-website offers users a birds-eye view of operators mobile network coverage, signal strength, voice quality and data quality in an area. One can also clearly check all existing, planned and upgrading cell tower position in their area. Users can also find cell towers that are been forcibly shut down by the local authorities sighting various reasons.

Airtel has now added a ‘Network Stories‘ section to its Open Network portal. Here you can find the actual on-ground changes that have happened post the open network campaign launch where Airtel has delivered an improved network experience.

One can contribute to the Open Network initiative by sending feedbacks and suggestion through – Open Network portal, myAirtel app, Airtel Call Center and Airtel Stores.

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