The country’s largest telecom service provider Bharti Airtel has touched the 200-million subscriber base, out of which over 150 million are Indian subscribers. Now Airtel has become the world’s 5th largest telecom operator, with most of the subscribers in India and others in Africa, Srilanka and Bangladesh. To mark the occasion, the company unveiled its new brand logo aimed at synergising all its global operations and also a brand new signature tune composed by the Oscar winner A.R.Rehman.

Airtel New Logo

Airtel new logo
  • Our new international identity has been specially crafted to appeal to a more dynamic & demanding audience. at the same time, it retains the core elements of what has made our brand a market leader.
  • our unique symbol is an interpretation of the ‘a’ in airtel. the curved shape & the gentle highlights on the red color make it warm & inviting, almost as if it were a living object. it represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy that brings us and our customers closer.
  • our specially designed logo type is modern, vibrant & friendly. it signals our resolve to be accessible, while the use of all lowercase is our recognition for the need for humility.
  • red is part of our heritage. it is the color of energy & passion that expresses the dynamism that has made airtel the success it is today, in india, and now on the global stage.

Airtel New Signature Tune

Today as we expand on the global stage, this new brand identity gives us the opportunity to present a single powerful and unified face to our customers, stakeholders and partners around the world.

Telecom is a very capital intensive sector and we need serious commitment of investment in the sector for its development, don’t take this sector for granted. We are subject for all regulatory policies. We subject ourselves to whatever policy change.”  said Bharti Airtel Chairman and Managing Director Sunil Bharti Mittal.

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