Well, it seems the year 2017 would be a tremendous year for India’s top telecom operator Airtel. After regaining the top position in Netflix Indian ISP Speed Index, the operator has now topped in offering the highest average download speed on a mobile network. According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) MySpeed Portal, Airtel’s network offered an average download speed of 8.428 Mbps slightly higher than Reliance Jio’s 8.345 Mbps average download speed.

If you dig deeper, Airtel has massively improved its network and almost doubled its average download speed from 4.685 Mbps in December 2016 to now 8.428 Mbps. Whereas Reliance Jio after showing a big bump in its average download speed of 18.146 Mbps in December 2016 has dropped more than half to 8.346 Mbps.

Airtel tops the average download speed with 8.428 Mbps - TRAI

Other telcos especially Vodafone India, Idea Cellular and BSNL showed a consistent download speed throughout the months. Vodafone India clocked an average download speed of 6.806 Mbps, a slight increase 6.7 Mbps from the previous month. Idea Cellular, on the other hand, offered an average download speed of 6.621 Mbps a bigger increase from 5.036 Mbps in the previous month.

TRAI MySpeed Portal January 2017 highlights

  • Airtel got the highest average download speed with 8.428 Mbps.
  • On the average upload speed also Airtel topped with a speed of 3.217 Mbps.
  • Reliance Jio’s average download speed dropped from 18.146 Mbps to now 8.346 Mbps. Whereas the average upload speed also dropped from 3.262 Mbps to 2.267 Mbps.
  • With only its 3G network, BSNL offered a consistent average download speed of 3.167 Mbps.

If you are new to TRAI MySpeed Portal, then the portal uses data shared by the users using its TRAI MySpeed App. It lets you explore the network coverage and mobile internet speed across different telecom operators pinpointed to your exact location or area. This will help you to find the telecom operator offering speediest mobile internet connection in your area.

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