It’s coming down! in the immense heat of competition, India’s top telecom operator Bharti Airtel has finally slashed its premium 3G mobile internet rates by around 40%. Prepaid customers can now get 1GB of 3G data usage for Rs 149 per month instead of earlier Rs 255 per month.

The price reduction comes in the wake that its competing telecom operators including the Govt run BSNL and MTNL slashed their 3G data rates to a more affordable level. Airtel first neglected it and only introduced a promotional 3G scheme for some time.

This time Airtel has permanently slashed its 3G data tariffs by around 40%, bringing the rates in par with the competition. The lower 3G data plans under Rs 100 remains the same, but started its reduction for 3G data plans from 1 GB and beyond. Prepaid customers can now get 1GB of 3G data usage for Rs 149 per month instead of earlier Rs 255 per month. For 2.5GB of 3G data usage, one now need to spend only Rs 249 per month and for 4GB of 3G data usage, you need to recharge with Rs 449 per month. The 10GB 3G mobile internet plan is now cost Rs 999 instead of earlier Rs 1499 per month.

Competition Heat - Airtel slashes 3G Mobile Internet tariffs, now 1GB at Rs 149

Some months before Reliance Communication started the 3G price reduction war by cutting down its 3G data rates by around 50%, which was soon followed by Govt run BSNL unifying its 2G and 3G mobile internet plans and thus cutting the cost of 3G data plans. Aircel also followed it by  unifying its 3G and 2G data tariffs for subscribers.

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