Now you will feel less heavy on the pocket while streaming a video on YouTube or downloading songs. India’s top telecom operator Airtel has reduced the data tariff on Prepaid 4G, 3G, and 2G data packs by adding more data benefits to this data packs.

The new slashed data tariff will benefit heavy data using customers, as the new data packs offer almost 67 percent more data benefits at the same price.

Airtel cuts 4G/3G/2G Data tariff rates, adds more data benefits

Under the new 4G/3G data tariff, the Rs 655 monthly data packs now offers 5 GB of data usage instead of earlier 3 GB data benefit and comes with the same validity of 28 days. The bigger Rs 989 4G/3G data pack which offered 6.5 GB data benefit now comes with 10GB of data benefit.

Airtel new 4G/3G/2G data packs

Data Pack TypeMRP (Rs)Current Data Benefit (GB)New Data Benefit  (GB)Validity (days)% Increase
4G/3GRs 4552 GB3 GB28 days50%
4G/3GRs 6553 GB5GB28 days67%
4G/3GRs 7554 GB6GB28 days50%
4G/3GRs 8555 GB7 GB28 days40%
4G/3GRs 9896.5 GB10 GB28 days54%

In addition to the new data-heavy packages, Airtel has also increased the data benefits for 4G, 3G, and 2G Sachet data packs. The Rs 145 4G/3G data pack now comes with 580 MB of data benefits instead of 440 MB, with a validity of 14 days.

If you are still using 2G data packs, then the Rs 25 2G data pack got an increase in data benefit of 45 percent to 145 MB instead of 100 MB with a validity of 3 days.

Airtel new 4G/3G/2G Sachet data packs

Data Pack TypeMRP (Rs)Current Data Benefit (GB)New Data Benefit  (GB)Validity (days)% Increase
4G/3GRs 515 MB20 MB1 day32%
4G/3GRs 2370 MB90 MB3 days29%
4G/3GRs 53160 MB200 MB5 days25%
4G/3GRs 145440 MB580 MB14 days32%
2GRs 520 MB30 MB1 day48%
2GRs 25100 MB145 MB3 days45%

The new Airtel 4G, 3G, and 2G data packs are available for pan-India prepaid customers. They can do data pack recharges through MyAirtel app or any third party recharge retailer.

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