Offering faster internet speeds, voice clarity and better indoor coverage, India’s top telecom operator Airtel has launched Platinum 3G services in the Northeast state of India, Assam.

Implemented as a part of its Rs 60,000 crore network transformation program ‘Project Leap‘. The project aims to drastically improve the network quality and eventually cutting down the call drop issue and to offer unmatched voice and data experience to its customers.

Airtel Platinum 3G is now available in 60 towns across Assam and powered by dual spectrum band – 900 MHz and 2100 MHz. With the use efficient dual spectrum band, Airtel can significantly enhanced indoor coverage, offer faster mobile internet speeds and crystal clear voice clarity.

Airtel brings Platinum 3G services in Assam with Dual Spectrum band

It also optimizes the backend engagement between the Airtel’s network and a mobile device thus saving on users battery life or as the company claims to extend the users battery life.

The launch of Platinum 3G is yet another milestone for Airtel in Assam and will enable us to deliver a superior voice & data experience to our customers,” commented Sameer Anjaria, CEO, Airtel North East and Assam. “The roll-out, which is part of Airtel’s “Project Leap” initiative, underlines our commitment to deliver best-in-class services to our customers in Assam,” he added.

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