More and more people in India are going online through their mobile phones, tapping this opportunity India’s top telecom operator Bharti Airtel partners with Opera Software to launch Opera Web Pass for customers in India. With this service Airtel customers can subscribe to affordable and simple pay-as-you-go mobile internet services.

Airtel & Opera launches Opera Web Pass in India, Offers pay-as-you-go Internet Services

For subscribing to this service, customers just needs to start Opera Mini on his/her mobile phone, click Opera Web Pass in the Speed Dial start page and choose from a list of web pass subscriptions, allowing Airtel mobile customers to purchase from a range of user-centric packages to suit their internet access needs. Opera web pass can offer customers following subscription based options –

  • Purchase an hourly data plan, by paying a fee for one-hour subscription of mobile internet.
  • Stay online throughout the day with unlimited data usage, by paying a flat fee for a 24-hour subscription.
  • Choose to browse the web just on weekends, with the weekend subscription pack.

Opera Web Pass allows operators, in a flexible and cost-efficient way, to package time or site specific data-offerings to their users. The Opera Web Pass leverages the existing capabilities of the Opera Mini platform. It’s working is simple, users browse the Opera Web Pass storefront and pick the pass that works for them. When a web pass has been activated the Opera Mini client simply routes the traffic to the zero-rated server for as long as the subscription package is valid. When the package expires, traffic is routed back to the premium-rated server, unless the user has picked a new pass.

For millions of users, their mobile phones have the potential to become the first device through which they will experience the web. We want to simplify the steps leading to web browsing for these first-time users. Opera Web Pass allows us to give users access to the mobile internet when and where they want it. This alliance between Airtel and Opera Software is the first of its kind in India, available exclusively for Airtel mobile customers.” commented N Rajaram, Chief Marketing Officer for Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel.

For mobile subscribers without data plans, this is the easiest and most flexible solution for accessing the web. With the power in hands of users, they can choose the exact time period in which to access the web, rather than subscribing to a monthly data plans.

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