UpdateAirtel choose Wave as the name for the new airtel symbol, which refers to the sweeping changes that airtel strives to bring towards enriching the lives of its 200 million plus customers. It is also symbolic of ‘wave’ of progress and prosperity that brand airtel continues to bring in the lives of its customers everyday, through its exciting products and services. The winner of the content – Mukesh Chauhan.

Airtel Name game is your chance to name the symbol of airtel. You can submit your entry by visiting the official website of airtel. www.airtel.in/namegame.

The airtel symbol was unveiled by bharti airtel as part of its new brand identity launch in November last year. Airtel invites you into a world that is fresh and youthful, a world you can connect endless ways to everyone and everything you love and the symbol encapsulates this new spirit.

Take a good look at the symbol. Let your imagination run wild and tell Airtel a name for it. If your entry gets selected, you will go down in history and in the spirit of our new philosophy, we promise to try to bring you closer to the one thing you love the most.

It’s your chance to name the symbols of one of India’s greatest brands. It’s your chance to get closer to what you really love. It’s your chance to win exciting gifts by participating in this name game.

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