We know people who are late night talkers (especially those lovers among you), some are crazy with SMS, some are fully immersed into the social media world with tweeting, status updating and more. But till now telecom operators offered the same mobile plan to all of them. Indian’s top telecom operator Bharti Airtel has introduced myPlan for its postpaid subscribers that allow them to choose and customize their mobile plans the way they want. Subscribers can pick the rental, choose the benefits needed and can decide on the top-ups.

Airtel introduces myPlan that offers Postpaid customer to Create their Own Mobile Plans

Airtel myPlan allow subscribers to create their own postpaid plan with just three steps.

  • Select an Rental – Subscribers can use the calculator provided to choose their monthly usage. They can choose their preference on local calls, STD calls, ISD calls, national roaming, SMS usage and 3G or 2G data usage. According to the usage preference Airtel will recommend suitable rental plan.
Airtel Postpaid myPlan - Choose rental
  • Choose the myPacks –  Here subscribers can choose the recommended myPack which meets their requirements. Each rental will give subscribers some free usage benefits. As per subscribers usage inputs, Airtel will suggest the plan that has the optimum number of myPacks to meet subscribers requirements. However subscribers have option to choose any rental plan that suits his/her needs.
Airtel myPlan - Rentals
  • Top-up with Value Boosters (myBoosters) – According to the above choose rental plan subscribers have the option to choose their myBoosters that suits their need. Even they can choose the same myPack more than once to add up the benefits.
Airtel myPlan - Top-up with Value Boosters

Thus with just three simple steps subscribers can build their own customized postpaid mobile plan.

Airtel postpaid customers can visit myPlan (airtel.in/mobile/postpaid/tariffs/) webpage to build their own custom mobile plan or can visit the nearest Airtel relationship center to know more.

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