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Airtel HFZ Contest Prizes

We have just so many different types of friends – Joke friend, Poke friend, SMS friend, MMS friend. Some close, some far but one thing is for sure, zindagi mein har friend zaroori hai yaar. Do you have an interesting friend type? Share, and you could win a trip to Las Vegas or walk away with daily prizes.

Bharti Airtel one of Asia’s leading integrated telecom services providers with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa have started a new contest named ” Airtel hfz – har friend zaroori hai ” where by tagging your friends in Facebook with the friend type they are, you could win a free trip to Las Vegas and also by tagging the most number of friends with a ‘friend type’, you can win daily Samsung Galaxy Ace Mobile phone.

How to win a Trip to Las Vegas and Samsung Galaxy Ace Mobile

1. Select a Friend

airtel hfz select a friend
airtel hfz- select a friend

First go to Airtel hfz, login with Facebook and click on Start Now. You will now see all your Facebook friends! Select one by either searching by name or by image. Click on a friend and press next to continue.

2. Now tag your friends with a friend type that suits him

airtel hfz - Tag your friends
airtel hfz – Tag your friends

Now type in the friend type you think is most fitting for your friend. It can be anything from “stud muffin” and “drama queen” to “naughty friend” and “notes friend”. If you use a name from the drop down that entry will not be eligible for the big prize – the trip to vegas (but it still counts for Samsung Galaxy Ace). Also don’t forget to enter a description for your friend type so others can understand better. Press Next to continue

3. Share a friend’s photo

airtel hfz- Submitting and Sharing friends tag
airtel hfz- Submitting and Sharing friends tag

Now you can choose to add a picture from your photo collection or from your friend’s photo collection. (You can skip this step if you want) and then press Finish. That’s it!

Watch the cool Videos in action

So now time to Log on to airtel hfz ( ) to get started. A great campaign run by Airtel to spread the brand to young Indians who are more active in social networking sites.
Do play it and get a chance to win the great prizes. Do comment your views on it.

Link : Airtel hfz

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